Thammasat Review / 2017

125 p. : illus, charts, tables ; 26 cm.
    Vol. 20 No. 2 July - December 2017
Note: Vol. 20 No. 2 July - December 2017
  • Barriers to Bangkok as a Smart Destination with Internet of Things Technology
  • Superstitious Behaviors and Perceived Job Performance of Internal Auditing Staffs in Thailand
  • Complex Conditions and Factors Determining the Success of Community Land Deeds : A Case Study of Mae Aow Village, Pasang District, Lamphun Province
  • Construct of a Cross-Border Community in-between the Thailand and Myanmar's Border Space through Cross-Border Movements of Ethnic Traders
  • Multiculturalism and Its Impacts in the Deep South of Thailand : A Case Study of the Christian Community in Pattani
  • Love, Anger an dHate of the Red Shirts : The Contestation of Meanings of Politics and Justice

Thammasat Review / 2018

165 p. : illus, charts, tables ; 26 cm.
    Vol. 21 No. 1 January - June 2018
Note: Vol. 21 No. 1 January - June 2018
  • The Determinant of Enterprise Risk Management Impllementation : Evidence in Thailand and Malaysia
  • The Impact of Health Insurance Coverage on Cancer Screening among Women in Thailand
  • Urban Archaeology in Bangkok
  • Simulacra, Simulatin, and the Internationalization of High Education in Thailand
  • Social Protection for Those Who Are Left Behind as a Result of Migration : Myanmar Case Study and Proposed Recommendations for Consideration
  • The Role of Mindfulness Meditation on Stock Trading Performance
  • Knobbed Ware from Archaeological Sites in Thailand : An Evidence of Early Exchange between South Asia and Southeast Asia
  • The Commodification of Culture : Bhutan's Tourism in globalisation Context

Thammasat Review / 2018

253 p. : illus, charts, tables ; 26 cm.
    Vol.21 No.2 July - Decempber 2018
Note: Vol.21 No.2 July - Decempber 2018
  • Christianity, Ancestor Worship. and Cultural Revitalization among Akha Communities in the Upper Mekhong Region
  • Day-Seasonal Efficiency of the Stock Exchane of Thailand
  • Framing Climate Change : A Comparative Analysis of Thailnd's Press coverage on COP 21 Paris Agreement
  • The Thai Medical Tourism Supply Chain : Its Stakeholders, Their Collaboratin and Informatin Exchange
  • Limitations of the Myanmar Government in Reforming Copyright Loaw to Meet Local Author's Concerns and The Standard of Articld 15 ZcX of ICESCR
  • Co-management Concept : Reactical Variation in Ob Luang National Park
  • Impact of Digital Media Usage on Human Happiness an dWell Being - An Analysis of Rural Comunities in Thailand
  • Book Review : Moral Tribes Emotion, Reason, and the Gap Between Us and Them
  • Understanding Competitive Advantage of Organic Agriculture Through the Natural-Resource-Based View : Case Studies of Three Organic Rice Producer Networks
  • Dispute Mediation Abroad : An Alternative Conflict Resolution
  • The Body, Merit - Making and Ancestor Worship : Mask Festivals in Thailand and Laos
  • Armed Conflicts between the Kachin Independence Organization and Myanmar Army : A Conflict analysis

Thammasat Review / 2019

159 p. : illus, charts, tables ; 26 cm.
    Vol.22 No.1 January - June 2019
Note: Vol.22 No.1 January - June 2019
  • The Thai Bond Market's Behavior in the Time Surrounding
  • A Comparison Study of Russia's Foreign Policy and Strategies Toward Southeast Asia During and Post the Soviet Union Era
  • Supply Chain Collaborative (SCC) Measures Cases of Food Manufacturing Firms in Thailand
  • The Japanese Legacy : What's Still left in The Education System in Indonesia ?
  • Factors Related to the Perseived Competency Regarding Knowledge and Skills of the Expanded Program on Immunization Staff in Thailand
  • Vocational Education Choice and Fiscal Incentive for Low-Income Families
  • From Great Power to Hegenom : China's Strategic Planning in the New Century
  • How is Distributive Justice Possible ?
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