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  • Reconstructing the maritime framework of Agios Geogios, Peyia Cyprus. via BLB (Ariborne Laser Bathymetry) daya for the 9,000 to 4.000 years B.C.
  • The Stgnificance and Potential of the Phanom-Surin Shipwreck
  • The same-same boatbuilding tradition ? Looking at different examples of Iashed-lug boats from t eSoutheast Asian region
  • Understanding Phanom-Surin Shipwreck : Terminilogy Usage
  • Maritime Trade Connectin in Southeast Asia : Studies on Ban Abng Pun Wares
  • The management of Underwater Cultural Heritage Preservation for Cultura Heritage Makassar
  • Ships and Maritime Activities in the North-Eastern Indian Ocean : re-analysis of rock art of Tham Phrayanaga (Viking Cave), Southern Thailand
  • Waterway Network and Longvek Archaeological Site
  • The Archaeology of Singapore as a Maritime Port City and its Cultural Heritage Legal Framework